Fortreice is a PvZ Heroes Icy Hero created by RavenKing123.


Fortreice is a very defensive hero that stalls for the long game as he slowly debuffs the opponent's health to 0.


Fortreice is a large, sentient tree, kind of like a leafy Trevenant. It also has ice on its branches and leaves.


Classes: Guardian, Icy

Superpowers: Icy Fortress, Root Wall, Frostbite, Snow Drift



Fortreice is a defensive hero, and as such, should be played that way. Your goal is to slowly wear down the opponent, mostly with debuffs, while your fighters stay alive. Use your starting superpower to stall in the early game, unless it's Frostbite, which in that case it will be harder. Use Frostbite with freezing plants to deal damage to a high health target.


Against Fortreice, use a rushing strategy with Impfinity or the like. The core strategy is to play the maximum amount of fighters per turn. If you can get a bunch of hits off before Fortreice can set up his defense, you'll be ahead in the "race", where the race is between you breaking through his defenses and him wearing you down.


  • "Fortreice" comes from fortress, tree, and ice.
  • Fortreice is the most defensive hero so far.
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