Hail Storm is the signature superpower trick of Charjafreeze created by RavenKing123.


Class: Icy, Kabloom

Tribes: Superpower Trick

Ability: Freeze all zombies with boosted attack. Reset the stats of those zombies.

Rarity: Premium - Super Rare


Not even umbrellas can stop it.



Hail Storm is a niche trick that is useful against a horde of boosted zombies. In that situation, it would be useful with Winter Squash, but that can only obtained through Petal-Morphis. However, it can be used with Frostbite. Hail Storm is also useful simply to reduce stats.


Hail Storm can't really be countered, as it is a trick. However, a good strategy to make the opponent wary is to have a fighter with boosted attack and lowered health. As Hail Storm resets ALL stats, that would help keep that fighter alive longer.


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