Icy Fortress is the signature superpower of Fortreice created by RavenKing123.


Class: Icy, Guardian

Tribes: Superpower Trick

Ability: Give all allied fighters Armored 1.

Rarity: Premium-Legendary


Just let it go!



Icy Fortress is best used when you have many fighters on the field, so it can be used to its full potential. Use it to build your defense early, or use it to nullify Fortreice's biggest weakness, swarm decks. It can also simply reinforce your defense.


There isn't too much you can do against it, as it is a trick. You can try to bounce the plants who received Armored. However, against Fortreice, just bring a decent amount of 2 attack and over fighters.


  • The description references Frozen.
  • First card made on this wiki.
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