This page is to go over the rules of this wiki.

User Consequences

Now, all normal users have a meter that goes up by a certain amount when that user breaks a rule. Once the meter gets to 8, they get a consequence flag.


Violation Meter Points
Editing someone else's conception. 3
Spamming 1
Inappropriate content 2

Consequence Flags

Consequence Flags result in an instant one week ban. While you have a Consequence Flag, you are restricted from some privliges and will be watched. Consequence Flags end in a month. On your third consequence flag, you are banned for a month and a week. A third consequence flag never ends.

Staff Consequences

As a Staff, you get 3 chances. After your first upset of your rank's rules, you get a warning for a month. You are unable to apply for a new staff position with a warning. After the second upset, you are automatically demoted one stage. If you are a Rollback, you become a normal user. After the third upset, you get kicked from your staff position, recieve a warning, and a Consequence Flag.



  • Rollbacking edits for no reason/that do not agree with your opinion.

Chat Moderator

  • Deleting comments for no reason.
  • Deleting comments reporting you. This will count as a third upset.

Discussion Moderator

  • Deleting discussions for no reason.
  • Deleting discussions reporting you. This will count as a third upset.

Content Moderator

  • Deleting content for no reason.
  • Deleting content reporting you. This will count as a third upset.


  • Destroying the wiki.
  • Promoting people randomly.


  • Same as Admin.


Make sure that any reports of this behavior goes to the Bureaucrat.

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