Snow Drift is an Icy superpower trick created by RavenKing123.


Class: Icy

Tribes: Superpower Trick

Ability: Deal 2 damage to a zombie. Freeze that zombie. Your hero gains 2 health.

Rarity: Premium-Super Rare


No one knows how it works... eh.



Snow Drift is a powerful card to use if you want some health, want to damage a zombie, or simply freeze it. It can be used with Frostbite to deal more damage. You can also use it with Winter Squash as Chilly Pad as an instant kill plus a gain of 2 health.


There isn't much of a counter to it, as it is a trick. If you don't want your zombie to be frozen, make it do a bonus attack.


  • Based on the spell in Wizard101 of the same name and similar effect.
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