Snowsucker is an Icy, Mega-Grow Hero created by RavenKing123.


Snowsucker is focused on "stealing" stats from zombies.


Snowsucker looks like a Snow Pea with a purplish tint. Around it are purple tentacles sticking up from the ground.


Classes: Icy, Mega-Grow

Superpowers: Ice Drain, Embiggen, Snow Drift, Vegetapower



Snowsucker is focused on debuffing stats, then gaining those stats as their own. This is mostly used with Ice Drain and Snow Drift. However, Snowsucker's classes allow it to do that in a roundabout way: Debuffing the opponent with Icy cards, then using boosting Mega-Grow cards. Snowsucker also has simple boosting options available, with Embiggen, Vegetapower, and Mega-Grow cards.


The best way to counter Snowsucker is to use a bunch of weaker zombies, as not to get devastated by a debuff. Damaging tricks help against out of hand buffed plants. Both of these qualities are encompassed by the Crazy class.


  • Kind of like a vampire.
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